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About Linda Henderson

 Linda Henderson is an artist and creator of colorful fun from California. Starting her career in Cosmetology in 1984 and evolving that business as a segue to blossom her art. Known for her airbrush scenes on the tiniest of toenails to hand painted shoes, linens, walls, furniture, faces, hair and so much more... even mamma bellies! Linda is known for her " out of the box" style and the compulsion to paint on the unconventional surface. That is until the recent past when she painted her first canvas. Imagine her delight for canvases are much more accepting of paint. Oh  joy! Although she still loves painting on the unexpected, she has noticed canvas is usually taken more seriously for some reason.   Airbrush, acrylic, oil, mixed media, music and sewing are just a few things you will find her dabbling in. Don't look for this gal to be a traditional anything! She is always on a quest to apply her colorful, quirky, happy spin on whatever she touches. 

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